How it Works

Meotric is the world's leading mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform, helping app marketers around the world make better decisions.

Mobile attribution

Understand where your app's users are coming from and which are your highest performing sources

App analytics

Segment users and analyze their behavior in real time to uncover their behavioral patterns

Store stats

Get the most out of your users' feedback with Apptrace: understand your app store reviews

Why Choose Us

Everything you need to know about mobile app marketing.


Marketers & Partners

Delivering marketing technology solutions that help today’s marketers and their partners move faster, work smarter, and drive superior results

Your data is siloed in disparate point solutions that are dated, difficult to use, and not integrated. When you need someone to help you make sense of it all, you too often don’t get the support you need.

Developers & Engineers

Supporting engineers behind the scenes with the most robust API endpoints, the simplest SDK implementations, the best documentation, and outstanding service.

Tools to drive results using actionable data alongside fast and beautiful reporting, so you can intuitively see everything you need to know to make confident decisions.


Our Community

Supporting the communities where we live and work by driving corporate responsibility, influencing diversity, and sparking community engagement.

Meotric is bringing the mobile marketing ecosystem closer together by building the most innovative solutions, teaching the industry, and connecting marketers with the best possible partners.

Marketing Industry

Sharing the knowledge and expertise of our industry through in-depth research, trend reports, issue briefs, webinars, articles, and other information to help you get ahead.

Expert guides, research, and best practices to make your mobile marketing more awesome. Fight Fraudulent Traffic and Boost Organic Installs.


Mobile Marketing Resources

We've been working really hard to improve the Meotric with this amazing new features that you aked for! Check out the meotric’s new amazing features.

Easy campaign tracking

Find out how your ads perform across networks.

Cohorts and KPIs for apps

Understand how users travel through your funnel.

Multiplatform support

For phone, tablet, watch and more – if it's an app, Meotric can track it.

Work with any network

Seamless integration with any network, including Facebook and Twitter.

User Acquisition Attribution

Attribute every app install to the marketing campaign and media source that drove that install.

Retargeting Attribution

Discover which re-marketing campaigns and media sources are successfully re-engaging your users.